Let Values Be Your Guide

January 17, 2022 / by Lindsey Matejczyk


As a business and as individuals, we are led by our values.

Our personal values guide our decision making and shape our actions. Business values are no different. Defining and embedding your company values is crucial to ensure you achieve your purpose, differentiate your business from competitors, and create an attractive work culture. They are your business’ moral compass and guide every single action and behaviour.

For many companies, understanding and defining their values can be a tricky task. Your values represent a list of collective feelings and desired norms, and they aren’t always easy to capture or articulate. Our Values Creation & Implementation Workshops help businesses understand and define their values, and take these values from words into action. Our Values Implementation Workshop will help you identify where you should embed, measure and report on your values. Discover more by emailing lindsey.matejczyk@justone.uk

At JustOne, we believe it is essential for all businesses to adopt a collaborative people-focused approached to developing your values. By bringing your people together you will be able to make decisions quicker, stay true to your purpose, nurture healthy work cultures and attract new talent. And because your values are felt and owned by your people, they will be lived out in everything they do.

What are JustOne’s values?

In a world where there are constant pressures to be more productive, make more money, and achieve more success we want our values to reflect how we are putting humanity back into business. We want our values to celebrate who we are as individuals and authentically reflect JustOne’s purpose; spark positive change.

We are REAL

  • What you see is what you get. We are unapologetically authentic because it brings happiness, promotes humility, and lets us focus on what matters most.


  • We believe empathy breeds effective collaboration. The ability to understand what others feel allows us to be open, honest, and act with compassion.


  • Big ambitions require constant evolution. We challenge everything to continually do better and we do it with the utmost respect for each other.


  • Creativity has the power to connect everyone. It helps us see the big picture, find innovative solutions, and communicate with passion.


  • Sparking positive change is fun! We’re a friendly bunch who laugh a lot together. We actively cultivate joy because joy makes life worth living.

How do values guide us?

Our commitment is to uphold, celebrate and live out these values in everything we do as a business.

We share these values as a community of people and will continually refer to them through our approach to work, partnerships and life beyond work. Our values are integrated into our business processes, and, importantly, personal development plans in meaningful ways. We also use them to guide discussions in internal meetings. We are committed to engaging our suppliers through our values, and ensure we bring them into conversations with our clients.

This is how our values will guide us at JustOne, and we can support you in understanding how your values will guide your business and people too.

Embedding values is how they become meaningful. Living out our values will enable them to have impact; to give structure to how we measure the success of our relationships, frame our decision making, influence our actions, and inform our responses to external influences on the business.

To take steps in creating and implementing values into your business, email Lindsey at lindsey.matejczyk@justone.uk

Lindsey Matejczyk is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at JustOne.

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