Introducing Empower 2025

December 14, 2021 / by JustOne


Why does JustOne exist? We are here to spark positive change with every person and business we encounter. That’s our purpose; plain and simple. So every business decision we make is put through this lens.

We believe business holds the answer to not only solving the world’s biggest problems but to realise human potential. Business has the reach, influence, structure, agility, resources, will, and longevity to achieve this where other structures and organisations, such as governments, do not. Together we can create systems that don’t create solely profit, but also wellness and prosperity for all.

We at JustOne have the opportunity to showcase what a a purpose-led company, run on empathy and creativity, that puts people and planet at the heart of everything we do, can do. We know we have the power to do this, and more importantly, to empower other businesses to do the same.

A sustainable business does not separate sustainability from the rest of the business. At JustOne we will adopt one core strategy that will address environmental, social, and economic considerations as a whole and enable us to achieve consistent progress for people, planet, and prosperity for all.

We embarked on this strategic journey earlier this year and now we want you to join us. We are overjoyed to introduce Empower 2025.

We have a collective vision: by 2025, we will be an exemplar business by continually pushing the boundaries of sustainability; empowering others to learn, transform, and thrive.

We will test any feasible idea if it will take us closer to this vision and, whether they work or not, we will communicate our progress so others can build on what we have done.

Through our robust strategy development process that we take our clients through, we identified key issues that are most important to the business, and that we have the greatest ability to impact. These are represented by four core focus areas:

Enriching Lives:

We recognise that every person is different, with unique circumstances and lived experiences. We will enrich the lives of our people by addressing the needs of each individual in a bespoke way, while nurturing an inclusive, purpose-led culture where they can thrive.

Encouraging Collaboration:

We encourage collaboration over competition by establishing relationships based on empathy, trust, and honest communication so that together we can solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Improving Our Impact:

We are improving our impact by remaining accountable to our goals. We will report transparently on actions we’ve taken, the challenges we’ve faced, and the achievements we’ve made.

Empowering Our Changemakers:

We empower changemakers by innovating our services and how we do business, evolving as the world and companies need us to.

At the heart of Empower 2025 lies our purpose: to spark positive change. In every decision that we make and every story we tell through this strategy, our purpose will always remain to spark positive change. This way of doing business will never change. Through embedding agility into the development of our strategy, enabling freedom within the framework, we will have the ability to pivot and transform whilst staying true to our vision and purpose, whatever comes our way.

So, what’s next? In the New Year we will be setting ourselves ambitious goals for each of the sustainability issues we have identified as being important to the business. These goals will turn our sustainability ambitions into tangible actions, and together we will strive to achieve them by 2025.

We are also committed to transparently reporting on our progress for others to see and learn from. Early next year we will share more on the strategy development process we went through to get to reach this important moment. We are truly excited about the power within Empower 2025 and we hope you are too.

We know we aren’t perfect by any means, and we will face challenges as we strive to achieve our goals. But from challenges arise new opportunities and our commitment to you is to remain real by sharing both our victories and learnings with everyone. We will be unapologetically authentic because it brings happiness, promotes humility, and lets us focus on what matters most.

And we want to hear from you! We welcome the opportunity for anyone to talk and share their ideas with us. If you’ve got questions or thoughts on anything we have shared in this blog, we’d love to hear them. Please email (but please be aware you may hear back from us in early 2022 as the holidays are fast approaching!).

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