An Exciting New Partnership to Democratise Sustainability and Drive Impactful Change.

May 18, 2021 / by JustOne


JustOne has partnered with the sustainability software company Rio as we continue to use collaboration, creativity, and strategic thinking to build total value for people, planet, and profit. This partnership comes at an incredibly important time as individuals, businesses and nations look towards building back better.

In order to solve some of the world’s biggest problems we know collaboration and partnerships are key. Rio and JustOne believe in the power of fostering collaboration amongst competitors, across sectors, and sustainability professionals who share the same philosophies. Our capabilities complement one another with robust strategic advice and a revolutionary sustainability software platform that will improve sustainability performance for companies of all sizes and in any sector.

Rio is on a mission to make sustainability more accessible by empowering everyone with the knowledge they need to make informed, impactful sustainability decisions. This is achieved through their intelligent sustainability software platform which supports businesses across reporting, compliance and sustainability training, acting as a central hub for all sustainability data. Promoting transparency and accountability, Rio strives to improve the quality of sustainability data so that businesses make genuine and achievable commitments.

Dan Botterill, CEO and Founder of Rio, said, “Partnering with like-minded businesses has always been a part of our ethos. When we became familiar with the JustOne team, it was evident that our purposes align entirely – making a partnership an easy decision. We are looking forward to working alongside JustOne to support their clients to enhance sustainability performance through quality data analysis and monitoring.”

JustOne is on a mission to transform the world, one business at a time. Grounded in achieving business benefits for clients, JustOne uses a holistic approach to build total value for people, planet, and profit.

Dave Carlos, Managing Director at JustOne said,​“It is our purpose to empower individual people and businesses to spark positive change; we think JustOne can make a world of difference. But a spark is not enough. Where one lacks, there are other experts to fill. Our partnership with Rio will combine our powers of strategic know-how and intelligent sustainability software to help our clients achieve their ambitions. Rio’s purpose to democratise sustainability solutions by making them easy and simple to understand is just brilliant. In all my years of working in sustainability, I’ve never seen a more effective platform that delivers bespoke training, governance, and data solutions. We believe collaboration is the key to solve the world’s biggest problems, and this partnership will help do just that.”


About Rio ESG

Rio is an intelligent, accessible sustainability software platform that helps businesses and individuals become more sustainable through data analysis, learning, and governance. Rio’s proprietary AI analyses your data and provides transparent, actionable recommendations for reducing environmental impact, managing ESG risk, and saving money on waste, energy, water, and more.

Rio takes knowledge from the sustainability sectors’ leading minds and puts it into the hands of everyday people and organisations – so we can all do better together. For more information visit their website and stay up to date on the latest news here.

About JustOne

JustOne is a passionate sustainability consultancy on a mission to transform the world, one business at a time. The JustOne team believes every person and every business has the power to make a world of difference. We provide corporate and sustainability services focusing on Purpose, Strategy, Communications, Social Value, Reporting, Training and Stakeholder Engagement.

By fostering a culture of collaboration, JustOne has succeeded in enabling businesses across multiple sectors take action to address some of the world’s biggest problems and spark positive change. 

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