Orchard Street Investment Management

Orchard Street Investment Management is a leading commercial property investment manager, focused on the UK market and acting on behalf of institutional clients world-wide to advise on investing in and the active management of UK commercial property assets.


The Challenge

  • Orchard Street Investment Management (OSIM) wanted to understand the social value their assets already contribute, and how they may go about increasing this contribution.
  • Alongside this brief came the need to upskill and educate OSIM on the meaning of social value, the different approaches it requires, and how it can work best for them.

Our solution

  • JustOne undertook assessments of four different OSIM buildings, of different asset classes, across various funds. The assessments looked at: 1. The needs and priorities of the local areas around each asset. 2. The socio-economic contributions of each asset. 3. The sustainability activities undertaken at each asset.
  • The report identified how each asset added meaningful social value to the local area, and ways in which they could increase this.
  • Case studies based on these assessments were written and designed for inclusion in reporting.
  • Results and recommendations were presented to asset managers.

The result

  • Business case and benefits for measuring and reporting social impact.
  • Context of social impact within real estate, including nuances of how different assets will contribute both positively and negatively in different ways.
  • Overview of the social inclusion needs and priorities within the local area of each asset.
  • Social inclusion objectives and priorities of the local government in each area.
  • Socio-economic contributions of each asset, with definitions and enhanced explanations of what this means and does not mean.
  • Overview of the social inclusion actions currently undertaken at each asset, how socially meaningful these are, their economic value, and how they map on to the local government agenda.
  • Recommended high-impact actions for each asset to take.
  • Recommended strategic next steps for OSIM to take at an organisational level.