Magic Light

Magic Light Pictures is an Oscar nominated, and BAFTA winning creator of family entertainment and brands, managing production, distribution, licensing and marketing.

My project (7)

The Challenge

  • Magic Light Pictures engaged with JustOne to develop recommendations of appropriate sustainability criteria to embed into Brand Guidelines
  • Magic Light Pictures had previously done work on the sustainability agenda and is very aware of the increasing importance of sustainability regarding the products that use their brands.

Our solution

  • In order to develop these recommendations, JustOne undertook a strategic process of reviewing product categories, processes, and peers.
  • Through stakeholder engagement of existing licensees, Licensee current needs and priorities were identified along with hot spots of risks and opportunities.
  • Existing sustainability practices undertaken by licensees were reviewed and good practices highlighted, along with areas of improvement categorised by type of licensee.
  • Certifications and standards relevant to many product-types and licensees were reviewed to identify work already being done and the level of impact they are having.

The result

  • A workshop was conducted to identify aspirations across sustainability issues as they relate to licensee products and the brand.
  • A report was delivered and presented with insights from the work, recommendations against key sustainability issues, next steps.
  • Magic Light have since joined Products of Change, which is the first licensing industry-specific bodies for sustainability.
  • They are creating (and nearly finished) a sustainable packaging style guide that will be distributed to all our licensees by the end of the year.